"Dapper Dan"
"Dapper Dan" is 24"  tall.  He has dark chocolate brown suede paw pads, black German glass eyes accented with a bit of white, and a hand-stitched dark brown Perle cotton nose. 
"Dapper Dan" is quite a gentleman and wears a vintage starched white collar and a two-button checkered vest. 
His box of chocolates is new, but the flowers he brings are vintage from a local millinery shop.  Something old and something new ... is there a sweetheart out there looking for a mate??
Sorry, I've already been adopted!


"Dapper Dan" was created from a recycled raccoon fur coat.  His natural colors are dark brown with blonde tipping throughout. 




"Dapper Dan" is going courting and what girl doesn't like chocolates and flowers from her suitor?   




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