Wiley wears a simple plaid ribbon tied around his neck because he doesn't want to hide any of his beautiful fur.




Wiley is five-way jointed, firmly stuffed with A LOT of polyester fiberfill.  He comes with a sewn-in tag and a removable laminated hang tag.  









Wiley  is a beautiful bear who has been created from a recycled coyote fur coat that is a natural mixture of blondes, browns, gray and a bit of orange and black. 


The natural colors in this wonderful coyote fur just can't be duplicated.  No airbrushing or dying is needed for this bear!


He is a wonderful huggable bear and likes to take care of all the smaller bears in the den.  He is a gentle protector. 




Wiley is 20" high when standing, although he prefers to sit.  He has a hand-embroidered brown Perle cotton nose and light tan suede paw pads.  His big soulful eyes are black glass.  Like all classic bears, he has a bit of a hump on his back.

 vSuch a sweet face and matching disposition ... Wiley would love to be adopted by someone who will give him plenty of hugs!



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Artist designed and created teddy bears by Jane Woodard of Heir Bears. Midi to large sized teddies made of real recycled furs made from grandma's coats. mohair